We live in an age of technological wonders, such as internet connected cars, voice activated appliances and the ubiquitous smartphones. In one way or another, all these products enhance the quality of our lives. Yet sometimes products, injure or sometimes kill we the users even though we have used them as the manufacturer or designers intended for us to use. The law provides a remedy for products that harm end users under the following two types of defects. In both categories, the defect must have existed in the product by the time it left the factory.

Some products are improperly designed and if the defect injured or killed the user, then the manufacturer, distributor and retail seller, may be held responsible to financially compensate the injured consumer or his survivors. An example of a defectively designed product is the first generation of SUVs. These vehicles were designed with a dangerously narrow wheelbase for the height and length of a large vehicle. As a result these SUVs were prone to rollovers. Our firm represented a young mother who was seriously and permanently injured because of the design of the suspension of her Japanese brand SUV. The SUV , suddenly and uncontrollably left the roadway. Her seatbelt failed had been improperly designed and failed to prevent her ejection from her SUV.

An improperly manufactured product , even if designed according to state of the art standards, may result in harm. The end user must prove the manufacturing anomaly resulted in the injury. An expert witness, usually an engineer or scientist, will be part of the evidence required to pinpoint the defect. The manufacturing defect must be the cause of the injury for the consumer to attain compensation for the pain and suffering , medical bills and lost wages he sustained by use of the product. An example presented by tires whose tread separated after minimal use.

The law of products liability has been applied to cigarettes and to food served in restaurants and at catered functions.

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